Using EOPatch

Before using the EOPatch, you should understand the concepts below and consult a healthcare provider to input personalized settings.
You must input these values in the initial settings stage as they will be used for the bolus calculator.

  • 01

    Target Blood Glucose

    This refers to the target BG level when managing blood glucose.

  • 02

    Correction Threshold

    This refers to the blood glucose value at which it is decided that insulin injection is necessary to control blood glucose.

  • 03

    Insulin to Carbohydrate (IC) Ratio

    This is the amount of carbohydrate(g) that can be controlled by 1 unit of rapid-acting insulin. It is sometimes expressed in terms of carbohydrate count.

  • 04

    Correction Factor

    This is the blood glucose level that 1 unit of rapid-acting insulin can lower. It is also expressed as insulin sensitivity.

  • 05

    Insulin Action

    This is the time that insulin stays active in the body.

  • 06

    Insulin on Board (IOB)

    This refers to the amount of insulin that remains and is currently acting in the body among bolus insulin.

You can control insulin delivery and manage diabetes with the EOPatch by setting the features below to meet your individual needs.


Basal insulin is delivered continuously for 24-hours to manage blood glucose after meals, before meals, and during sleep.

Basal delivery

insulin delivered over the course of 24-hours

Temp basal delivery

temporarily increases or decreases the amount of basal insulin for sick-days, exercise, or other changes in daily life


Bolus insulin is used to control and cover high blood glucose after a meal or snack.

[ 2 ways to inject bolus ]

1. Quick mode

user manually inputs the insulin amount for a fast injection.

2. Bolus calculator

the amount of bolus needed is calculated using the information set by the user(target BG, correction threshold, IC ratio, insulin action), the current blood glucose, and the amount of carbs consumed(g).

Extended bolus

allows a portion of bolus to be delivered later to cover for food that raises blood glucose slowly(high-protein, high-fat).

Bolus preset

saves the bolus amount so that it can be conveniently used again in the future.